Wedding : Luke & Lauren

Dec 1st

I had the pleasure of flying out to Phoenix and hanging out with some lovely people. We had barbecue that would compete well with some of our world renowned BBQ here in KC. I even got to have some pretty stinkin good coffee at Cartel Coffee Lab, which could easily be mistaken for Kansas City’s Broadway Cafe. I met Lauren in Missouri, photographed one of her roomate’s weddings and met Luke early in the morning the day Luke picked Lauren up to move to Arizona. We were able to squeeze in a quick engagement shoot just before they took off on their journey west. They have quite the story to tell about how they became best friends that got married. If I knew it in great detail to reiterate here on my blog, I’d probably end up writing a novel.

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Wedding : Yngvar & Ruth

Oct 17th
Once upon a time, Yngvar (ING-VAR), a professional Norwegian breakdancer (who was raised in Mali) left an important backpack somewhere. Ruth, a terribly sweet and kind Hawaiian happened to find it and returned it to him only to hear him say “You should be my wife!” Even though they were…

Wedding : Tyler & Kelly

Nov 6th
I took a trip to the boonies of Virginia where this lovely wedding took place. The ceremony & reception were held at the family farm, a 600+ acre piece of land not too far from Roanoke. I just have to say that the friends and family involved with turning this…

Micheal & Marianna

Mar 6th
You know you’re in good hands when two Italian families let an Irish mick like myself to their wedding. They gave me pleasure of taking a trip to Williamsburg, VA to capture some photos & video of friends Michael and Marianna. I met Marianna years ago through a few other new…